Impassioned, professional, courteous, and amiable are just a few of the ways to describe the team formed by Jan Verheyden, Daniele Sala, Andrea Damaschi, Sofia Zucca, Nicolò Guerra and Gabriele Milanese, so you can count on them to document your wedding with discretion, capturing forever the moments that shape the most important day in your life.

Jan and Daniele have been the closest of friends for two decades. Their curiosity and dedication to the world of photography have led them, Andrea, Sofia, Nicolò and Gabriele to attend countless seminars and training courses, allowing them to sharpen their skills and to turn their passion into a successful profession.

Over the years, Jan has undertaken a variety of workshops with leading photography professionals, and has enjoyed the honour and the privilege of portraying some exceptional models, thus acquiring invaluable experience.

Thanks to their top-of-the-range equipment, coupled with a discreet, conscientious, accommodating approach, Jan, Daniele, Francesca, Sofia, Nicolò and Davide are confident of making your every wish come true.